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Leona: Filming movie put me through my paces

Leona Lewis felt nervous about working alongside "beautiful Italian girls" in her latest movie.

The British singer stars in the romantic musical, which is set to classic tunes from the '80s.

Plenty of super-fit dancers appear along the way, which Leona admits was a little intimidating at first.

"There were all these beautiful, amazing Italian girls in their bikinis and I was like, 'Oh God...'" she laughed to the UK edition of OK! magazine.

"But before they started shooting we had these intense rehearsals - it was like a bootcamp. So by the time we began filming I felt quite good about myself. There was a gym at the hotel, so I started going a couple of times a week."

However, the 29-year-old insists she didn't start working out just to look good on screen.

"No, it was purely so I wouldn't be the one out of breath person on set," she explained. "I needed to keep up with the dancers."

The UK X Factor winner is known for her healthy attitude and follows a vegetarian diet. She made sure not to deprive herself while working so hard on the movie.

"I wasn't pigging out, but I ate normally," she said. "It would have been silly to try and starve myself and then do all that dancing. I needed the energy."

Leona and the female dancers weren't the only ones showing off their great physiques on screen. There was also plenty of male eye candy, but the star insists her boyfriend Dennis Jauch wasn't fazed.

"No, Dennis totally gets it," she smiled. "Obviously I had to be really close to my on-screen boyfriend and be really kissy. But it wasn't steamy stuff."

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