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Leona Lewis: Care for your curls

Leona Lewis believes curly locks require even better care than straight hair.

The singer shared the beauty tips that keep her looking fabulous.

Leona's wavy locks require special attention, and the star named the best products to help her look after them.

"Curly hair needs good care. I like Unite Session Whip Volume Foam, which gives tresses a real boost. Overnight hair masks are great for locking in moisture, too," Leona told British Closer magazine. "If it works, stick with it. 7 Seconds Conditioner by Unite detangles hair in a flash. I coat my locks in it, leave for a few seconds, then comb it through - easy."

Leona continued to explain the importance of adding extra moisture to hair and skin in any way possible. The international chart topper says this is paramount when travelling on long-haul trips. Leona is an ambassador for cruelty-free beauty brand The Body Shop and says this is something she puts at the top of her list when considering her make-up musts.

"Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! I go to bed with oil on my skin and in my hair too - my mum shared that tip with me. Try The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine," she continued.

"Keep hydrated on long flights. I keep Caudalie Beauty elixir in my handbag for a mid-flight quick fix - it's a mist that keeps skin really hydrated. Also, always buy ethically-sourced products. I'd never use anything that had been tested on animals. I love Unite, The Body Shop and Stella McCartney. Especially her new fragrance, Stella Summer."

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