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Leona Lewis insists on cruelty-free cosmetics

Leona Lewis is very "Buddhist" about cosmetics and is disgusted that some products contain parts of animals.

The singer is a keen advocate of animal rights, which means she also sources out beauty products that are cruelty free.

Leona is an ambassador for The Body Shop, which never tests on animals and wouldn't use any kind of creepy crawly in its cosmetics.

"I've only just learn that a lot of the red pigment in cosmetics is actually from beetles, and I think some of the shimmers in bronzers can be made from fish scales," she marvelled to British magazine Cosmopolitan.

"So I like Body Shop products; I don't have to worry about such products in lipsticks and shimmer palettes. I couldn't even kill a spider or fly or anything; I'm very Buddhist in that sense."

For her job as a singer, Leona always has to step out looking immaculate.

Luckily her team know exactly how particular she is about what goes on her skin.

"I definitely am quite strict about it," she revealed.

"My make-up and hair people know I don't use any brushes that use real animal hair, and we stay away from products from parts of the world where they're animal-tested and not humane at all. And I've found there are websites with good information on what products are cruelty-free."

Earlier this year, a law was passed that makes it illegal for cosmetics to be tested on animals in the EU.

Leona is pleased with the progress, but the 28-year-old won't stop fighting until the ban goes worldwide.

"A global ban," she answered when asked whether she would pick one over her singing career.

"I could still do my music in any capacity if I wanted to, but I think it's just so important for humans to show compassion. They say you can judge a society on how it treats its animals, and I think that's very true - it all filters down."

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