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Leona Lewis proud of style

Leona Lewis doesn't feel under pressure to dress crazily as she is happy with her "eclectic style".

The pop singer thinks she dresses in a unique manner without being over the top. The British star doesn't feel any need to compete with female solo stars such as Lady Gaga, who are better known for their style.

"[Did you feel like dressing crazier when Lady Gaga came into charts?] That's so funny. No, I think my taste in clothes is quite eclectic," Leona explained to British magazine OK!

"I've always had a classic style but I like to try different things. I did dye my hair really dark and I've always been quite blonde - people were like, 'Oh my God.'"

Leona claims her sensible girl image doesn't annoy her. The 27-year-old is proud she's true to herself and doesn't put on an act.

"No, I'm sensible and I think I'm intelligent and make smart decisions," Leona continued. "That's a positive thing, not anything bad."

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