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Leonardo DiCaprio lacks sense of style

Leonardo DiCaprio is not a "fashionista" in his everyday life.

The actor stars as the dapper Jay Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann's take on the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby.

Leonardo shows off some impressive suits throughout the flick, but insists he isn't quite so good at styling himself.

"I think I have very little fashion sense in my own life. To tell you the truth, I give it very little thought to it, if I am being very honest - and I am," he laughed to Refinery 29.

"I have never been a fashionista or someone who puts a lot of thought into what I wear, and I dress to be as comfortable as I possibly can. And of course, when I have to do premieres and be out in public, I want to dress appropriately."

The 38-year-old has played several handsome romantic leads, most notably in Romeo + Juliet and Titanic.

There has to be more to a role than looking good for Leonardo to take the job.

"People have asked me if I avoided romances or love stories... not at all. The only pre-requisite or criteria that I have for doing anything is, is there enough there to do?" he explained.

"Is there enough dimension to the characters, is there enough? Otherwise, I become bored as an actor."

The most important thing for the star was staying true to F. Scott's original character.

This meant making sure his appearance fitted the description down to a tee.

"I mean, we were pretty meticulous about every stitch of clothing that Gatsby had, the way he wore his hair, the type of suit that he had," he revealed.

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