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Lesley Manville: Staunton loved her chest

Lesley Manville reveals that Imelda Staunton was happy with the way her breasts looked in Maleficent.

The two British actresses are joined by Juno Temple to play the three fairies in the Disney movie, which retells the classic story of Sleeping Beauty from the evil Maleficent’s point of view.

The feature also stars Angelina Jolie as the baddie and Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora.

“There are three pixies Thistletwit, Knotgrass and Flittle, I’m Flittle in the blue,” Lesley told British TV host Lorraine Kelly. “Imelda was very pleased with her breasts in that picture, because they built them up somewhat.

“Anyway, they’ve done all sorts of things to my chin and face. What a weird juxtaposition that is, Ghosts and Maleficent,” Lesley added of the film and her current play, set in the 19th century.

For her role as fairy Flittle 58-year-old Lesley had to train hard to get her core muscles up to strength, as she spent hours on end suspended in the air flying.

Circus experts were on hand to help her with acrobatics, which took weeks to film.

“Yes!” she laughed when Lorraine quizzed her on the authenticity of the flying scenes. “We were flying all around Pinewood Studios for a month. I had somebody from Cirque du Soleil who would strap me up every day and we had to do a month of intensive Pilates training to get our core strength really good. And that’s it, off we went.”

While Lesley admits that she and Imelda lapped up the flying, often laughing their heads off, she didn’t get to shoot much with Angelina.

“I am in scenes with her. We had some rehearsal with her. But like with a lot of these things that are green screen, and because we were flying, you tend not to because we were flying but everybody else wasn’t. So you will do it a lot of the times with a stick with a balloon on top; that’s Angelina and the other one is Elle Fanning. That’s the nature of it really,” she smiled.

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