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Levine likes small labels

Adam Levine has revealed the final stages of the creation of his 222 clothing label.

The Maroon 5 star is preparing to launch his clothing and accessories line 222 at Kmart this fall. Adam's been designing the range for a few years, in collaboration with the design team on Shop Your Way and his fans.

In a behind-the-scenes video ahead of the launch, Adam is seen finalising the logo with his design team. He instructs them to emphasise the 222, and reduce the size of his name on the label.

"This all looks really good. I'm a big fan of small, because it is treading the line between my name being included and having a subtlety that doesn't have to scream having my name on it. This one makes me most happy [points to a medium sized 222]," Adam states in the film for Shop Your Way's website. "There is a line to tread about how much of me to have on it."

Adam's been involved in the creation of his line right down to hat stitching items himself. His aim is to break the stereotypes of celebrity endorsed clothing, in which the star has very little to do with the clothes themselves. As the video continues, Adam gives clearer instructions to the team about what he hopes to achieve with his garments.

"Think about this: the person who is going to buy something that is mine is going to buy it regardless, we know that and we won that battle. But as far as trying to convince someone who doesn't know or care, or someone who is buying something for style and quality... that's where you can make an impact. So somewhere between the two sizes is perfect," he explained.

"I'm super excited".

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