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Lilo's 'bull hair treatment'

Lindsay Lohan has allegedly tried the extreme bull semen beauty treatment on her locks.

The Mean Girls actress is well known for her flame-coloured locks, and usually wears her long hair down.

But sources say her shiny, healthy hair is down to a radical hair concoction.

"Lindsay shocked party-goers by admitting she'd tried the bull semen hair treatment. She was given it as a jokey gift voucher, but had it done anyway. She said they call it 'Viagra for hair'. Lindsay's a really good sport, so you can imagine her doing something like that for a laugh," an insider told British magazine Now.

The session costs around £100 ($165.59) a go and is said to give you stronger, bouncier hair.

Lindsay is said to have had it done in a top hair salon in LA before her recent trip to London.

While in the capital she reportedly called on hair extension expert and celebrity stylist Tatiana Karelina for some emergency treatment.

Lindsay was said to be "partying hard and [she] needs to look her best at all times," a rep for Tatiana told RadarOnline.

Tatiana made a house call to the 27-year-old star's rented address in Chelsea, London, "before another night of partying. She styled [Lindsay's] 22-inch extensions, curling the hair into loose waves, and trimming a slight layer to frame her face."

While in the city Lindsay was spotted getting close to British student and part-time model Christian Arno Williams, though she has since claimed she is single.

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