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Lily Allen: I don’t do room service!

Lily Allen has a deep-rooted fear of "mass-produced" food.

The British singer spent much of last year playing shows following her comeback with album Sheezus. It means she spends long periods away from home, which can wreak havoc on her diet.

"I'm good at eating healthily when I'm at home, but when I'm on tour I basically eat crisps. I have real hang-ups about eating food that is mass-produced. I would never eat McDonald's or Burger King, and if I'm staying in a big hotel, I won't have room service if there's a big kitchen and the food might be lying around for ages," she told British magazine InStyle. "I had spaghetti Bolognese at a hotel in Paris once and it had a cockroach in it, so now I have an eternal fear of room service."

The 29-year-old star's weight has fluctuated over the years and she's battled eating disorders too. She's now got things on track and focuses on being healthy for her two daughters, rather than aiming to be super skinny. It means working out is a big part of her day, but she's found ways to make it as fun as possible.

"I have the most amazing personal trainer called Belinda. She's around 75 years old and she's an absolute legend," Lily laughed. "She'll turn up in full monochrome Chanel or Prada, and come in with her white hair and white skin and red lips, and then she'll de-robe and put on her shiny 80s leotard and start exercising with me - she's unbelievable. And so fit and healthy."

Lily doesn't like group exercise classes, preferring to work out using her body weight. Her routine involves high-intensity punching and kicking and is perfect for her as it can be done wherever she is.

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