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Lily Allen: I’m a pro at Play-Doh nails

Lily Allen lets her daughter get her nails painted even though her husband doesn't like it

The 29-year-old's eldest daughter Ethel will turn three later this month and loves seeing the intricate designs Lily daubs on her nails. So she doesn't feel left out, Lily creates versions for her out of mouldable clay.

"I build nails out of Play-Doh with my eldest and put them on her fingers so she can have long ones like mine. And she likes to get hers painted while I'm having mine done. Daddy doesn't like it very much, but I don't really care," she laughed to British magazine Marie Claire.

Lily also has 22-month-old Marnie with her husband Sam Cooper.

Her job means she has to spend some time away from her family, which can be hard. On top of that it's not always possible to eat well while on the road, although she gives it her best shot.

"If we're in New York and there's a great juice bar around, then that's fine. But if I'm in the middle of Buttf**k, Nowheresville, and there's just a Walmart, I can't eat healthily. I don't like performing on a full stomach - I get acid reflux and I feel quite bloated. I eat breakfast on a show day but I tend not to eat lunch or dinner. So when I get off stage I'll be starving and devour five packets of crisps," she said.

Lily works out a lot, which helps her stay in shape. However, she doesn't hit the gym because she wants to change the shape of her body - instead she doesn't want to let herself down on stage.

"I don't care about weight loss or body image that much - it's more about energy and fitness levels," she explained.

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