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Lily Allen's outlook on eyes

Lily Allen shares her tips on how to get the perfect cat flick, and says it's OK not to get both eyes looking exactly the same.

The British singer's peeper philosophy means she can be a little more lax when applying her make-up, and doesn't feel the need to match each eye up perfectly.

She's well known for her cat-flick black eyeliner, and says it's easy to apply.

"Ha! It takes practice," Lily laughed to British magazine Now when they complimented her eye look. "I used to get The Rage, but it helps if you approach it calmly. I tilt my head backwards and apply white eyeliner along the inside of my eye, then flick it up along the lower lashes. That way I have a subtle line to glide the black on.

"Just hug the colour as close as you can to your lashes, following the white line up. If I do balls it up, I use a Muji cotton bud or an angled eyeliner brush soaked in Bioderma Sensibio H2O to neaten them up. Oh, and remember your eyes are sisters, not twins... they will never look the same."

While she doesn't mind applying cosmetics to her eyes, Lily isn't such a big fan of heavy face make-up.

The mom-of-two shuns foundation whenever she can but concedes there are times when she needs to slap it on.

"I don't like wearing foundation. I'm wearing it now but only because I had a face peel yesterday and it's slightly scarred," she explained.

When Lily first burst on to the music scene in 2006 she was well known for her love of prom dresses teamed with sneakers and large gold earrings.

Her wardrobe has evolved a lot over the years, though the 29-year-old still likes to occasionally shock with her costumes.

"I'm like a teenage girl," she said of her style. "I'd say; fun, experimental and LOL-core."

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