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Lily Collins: I like to earn expensive garb

Lily Collins likes to feel she's "earned" any high fashion she buys.

The actress-and-model has a flourishing movie career. She appeared in 2009's The Blind Side alongside Sandra Bullock, and is playing Snow White in a new film adaptation of the fairytale.

Her successful career means Lily has money to spend on fashion, but that doesn't mean she's frivolous with her style choices.

"With more expensive pieces I want to feel like I've earned them. I will take forever to decide if I want something, because I want to make sure it's timeless," she explained.

Although Lily loves wearing designer pieces, in her spare time she's more relaxed. Getting glammed up for the red carpet for work means she's happy to opt for comfortable pieces in her spare time.

She's a particular fan of Fall/Winter options as they are always so diverse.

"I'm into big sweaters and cool combat boots," she told ASOS magazine. "Fall/Winter is great because you're able to mix feminine and masculine. Cool army jackets with dresses, tights and boots. I love having that masculine, edgy touch but being flirty and fun at the same time."

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