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Lily Collins: I need sunscreen

Lily Collins will never leave the house without sunscreen again.

The actress didn’t used to think about protecting herself in the heat much, but that changed when she starred in Snow White retelling Mirror Mirror. After shooting the 2012 release, the 24-year-old began to think a lot more about caring for her looks.

“Sunscreen is my beauty staple. It’s the be-all and end-all of your skin. I didn’t realise how important it was until I did Mirror Mirror. I had it on every day because they wanted that pale, pale skin. But also I’m British, right? I have sensitive skin and, if you don’t want to have wrinkles or sunspots, it’s so important to protect yourself, it’s a huge must-have,” she told Company magazine.

Lily’s pale skin was a huge plus point when it came to dressing for this year’s punk-themed Met Gala in New York City. She wore a black Moschino creation comprising of a black chiffon maxi skirt and a jewel and stud-encrusted jacket. Her cheekbones were highlighted with bronzer and her eyes smothered in dark liner.

“My Moschino outfit for this year’s punk-themes Met Ball was awesome. I felt so honoured to be asked because they have this fun, funky fresh take on punk,” she recalled. “I thought it I was going to go punk, I wanted to go big, really go for it, and experiment. It’s like a character that you create for the night and I thought, ‘OMG, it’s the most fun opportunity.’ I had blue hair and my make-up was amazing.”

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