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Lily Collins: I've worn mascara daily for a decade

Movie star Lily Collins has revealed her number one beauty product.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Actress Lily Collins has worn mascara every days since she first experimented with it.

The 26-year-old star has been wearing cosmetics for over a decade, and since applying her first face she hasn't gone without the product. That's because it is key to achieving the look she loves.

"I swear by the mantra that the less you put on your face, the less likely you are to make a mistake!" she laughed to Britain's Boots Health & Beauty magazine. "My trademark has always been mascara, because I like big eyes. I've worn mascara every day since my mum first allowed me to use make-up when I was 15."

Idols wise, the actress looks up to Audrey Hepburn. She has done for years, and so she was delighted when one of her friends pointed out that she looks a lot like the late star.

These days, Lily doesn't try to blend in as much as she used to. Her mother always used to tell her that it was her differences which made her stand out, but the star couldn't accept it. As a teenager all she wanted to do was disappear into the crowd, which is why she hated her bushy eyebrows so much.

She's now grown to love them, while also learning how best to care for them and her skin. That means being careful about the products she uses, as her skin is pretty sensitive.

"Because I'm pale, any redness really shows, so I have to be gentle with my skin," she said. "As soon as I wake up, I splash cold water on my face. After a workout and a shower, I use a gentle exfoliating cleanser and a moisturiser. I apply Lancôme Advanced Génifique serum religiously, as it helps to even out my complexion and keep it hydrated."

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