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Lily Collins' lipstick secrets

Lily Collins believes cotton buds have helped her learn to apply lipstick properly.

The 25-year-old actress is also the face of Lancôme so enjoys trying out new beauty looks. When she was first experimenting with make-up she steered clear of bold lip colour, but has now realised that was a massive mistake.

“My lips are naturally very red. I actually used to dull them down: colour used to freak me out,” she told British magazine Cosmopolitan. “But now I’m really good at applying lippy. The trick is to just do it, then tidy it up with a Q-tip. I’m a Kiehl’s Lip Balm girl by day but at night I love a pop of colour.”

Lily grew up in the UK and US, so her style is eclectic. She is interested in the difference in fashion on both sides of the pond, explaining women tend to apply cosmetics in opposite ways too.

“There are extremes in California. It’s either very beachy or you get that overly made up, caked-on look,” she said. “In Europe it seems a lot more casual, with maybe a fun lip colour. And the skin is kind of untouched. I really love that. I feel that guys like less; they like to see who you are. They don’t notice all the little things we obsess over, like spots.”

Day to day Lily doesn’t pile on cosmetics, but she does like a strong look when she’s going out. She also has rituals she always follows when she gets home again, including that moisturising is key.

“Take off the shoes – no, throw the shoes! I’m normally barefoot immediately,” she said of arriving home after a big night. “I always take my make-up off, no matter what the time. And hand cream, every night – I love waking up soft!”

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