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Lily Collins plans careful style "splurges"

Lily Collins admits she enjoys splashing out on the occasional designer label.

The 24-year-old actress is partial to occasionally splashing out on a designer item.

Lily insists she isn't reckless with her purchases however, and will plan what she is looking for carefully first.

"I've been dying to find a blush-coloured bag for ages. Then the other day in Dublin I saw this amazing Prada bag in a department store," she explained to the latest edition of UK magazine Glamour. "It took me a couple of hours to come to terms with the fact that this was it: this was the bag I'd been waiting for. I like having the odd splurge - and I know it'll last me for years and years, because I keep all my clothes so sacred and clean."

Although she is a bone fide fashionista now, Lily says she cringes at some of her past outfit choices. She shared some particularly painful style memories.

"When I look back at some of the things I wore when I was younger," she blushed. "I had these leather jackets that I'd team with frilly dresses and white socks. I thought it was really cute, but I actually looked crazy. Then I went through this phase where I was obsessed with blue lipstick and used to crimp my hair. I can't believe my mum let me walk out of the house that way."

The brunette says her style rules are simple nowadays. She advised others to avoid clashing colours and patterns unless you feel confident wearing it.

"Don't ever look like you're trying too hard," she advised previously. "Don't ever wear anything you don't feel comfortable in, because then it'll wear you. Don't wear too many patterns or prints at once, and well I'm still dubious about the whole double denim thing."

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