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Lily James: 'Being in good shape makes me smile'

Downton Abbey star Lily James isn't the most proactive person when it comes to working out.

Actress Lily James feels best when she's physical and fit.

The British beauty is not only famous for her performance skills, but also her striking looks and slender figure. For her upcoming movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Lily takes on the role of Elizabeth Bennett, and she enjoyed toughening up to beat off the un-dead.

"I used to love to dance, and I do feel happiest when I'm physical and fit, thought the problem is that I'm not very proactive about it, so I really enjoyed training to look like I could kick the s**t out of someone," she laughed to Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine. "I was good at all the stunts and routines, which I found surprising. But anything that gets you out of your head, forces you to forget about the words and stops you feeling self-conscious about acting, is helpful."

Despite her soaring career, Lily insists she very rarely gets recognised while out and about. It was period drama show Downton Abbey which propelled her into the spotlight, and it also landed her the title role in Kenneth Branagh's Disney movie Cinderella. For the part the 26-year-old star wore an array of gorgeous gowns, including a stunning blue number. She had to wear a corset to get into character and despite much controversy surrounding Lily's tiny waist in the promotional shots for the film, she didn't let the comments get to her.

“The costume is beautifully designed by Sandy Powell and it goes in at the waist and the skirt is like big and full so that accentuates the shape," she previously told HuffPost Live. "I felt like a princess wearing it and of course (a corset is) always hard to wear, they just are, that’s what they are."

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