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Lily James: I regretted style splurge

Lily James returned a Chloé bag after her friends told her it was too expensive.

The Downton Abbey star has become known for her fashion on and off the popular show.

Her first luxury purchase didn't go quite as planned though when she decided to return it after realising what a large chunk of money she had spent.

"I treated myself to a £700 Chloé bag after one of my first acting jobs," she recalled to the latest edition of British InStyle magazine.

"Then my friends pointed out that, for the same money, I could buy a flight to India. So I took it back."

Lily, 25, dons lavish costumes for her part as Lady Rose MacClare on the British period drama. While her offscreen outfits might not be quite as old, she does have a taste for vintage.

"My mom passed down to me her old Levi's denim jacket," the actress shared.

"When I left it on a plane, I was devastated. I've never been able to find anything with quite the same cool, faded look."

Downton Abbey is often lauded for its ensembles. However, it took Lily some time to get on board with the looks.

"It took me a while to warm to the '20s costumes on Downton," she admitted.

"I love it when women accentuate their curves, and that era was all about hiding them. The shapes they wore then were in tune with female empowerment. Cutting off their hair and hiding their busts was a way of saying, 'We're equal to men!'"

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