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Lily James’s princess pain

Lily James struggled in her Cinderella dress after eating too much.

The British beauty has landed the role of the fairytale princess in Kenneth Branagh's live-action remake of the fairytale classic. Cinderella's stunning ball gown and glass slippers have been brought to life by Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell, who created a gorgeous cerulean dress boasting over a dozen layers of fine silk in shades of lavender, turquoise and blue.

"It's so spectacular that the pain is definitely worth it. Though I just ate way too much for lunch. I'm struggling!" Lily laughed to Empire magazine.

"I was a real little girlie girl with the plastic glass slippers that I'd trip on. A couple of people have brought in their kids and their reaction is like, 'It's so amazing.' It's very special."

Kenneth also found himself in awe of how much Lily looked the part and praises her dedication to the role.

"She has tremendous warmth and a naturalistic quality which is very beguiling," he gushed. "And she wears these extraordinary clothes by Sandy Powell amazingly well, and sits very well with the magic.

"The magic in our film is like a surreal expression of hope. That can be both lunatic and delicious."

Sandy has previously spoken about working on the venture. She admitted the shoes were the most difficult to create as there was so much resting on the iconic footwear.

“So besides the fact that Cinderella’s slipper is crystal, the shape of the last [version seen in the 1950 Disney animated feature] makes it impossible to walk in,” Sandy explained. “I was amazed that I was allowed to do it - that nobody wondered how they were going to reproduce it for children. But then, I guess the glass slipper is the ultimate fetish shoe, isn’t it?”

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