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Lindsey Vonn: 'Dieting doesn't work for me'

Lindsay Vonn lacked self-confidence when she first became famous.

Olympic gold medallist Lindsey Vonn felt more unhealthy when she restricted her diet.

The 31-year-old champion skier finds value in eating treats from time to time, and she dismisses notions it is necessary to steer clear of certain foods and beverages to stay in tip top shape.

"I've kind of run the gamut of trying different things like Paleo (diet), and I did a high-carb diet a while ago. I've tried everything," the athlete tells ABC News. "You have to make healthy choices. But I have Reese's, I have coffee, I have Red Bull. I'm not perfect all the time… Everyone needs a treat and a break. The more you force yourself not to do that, the more unhealthy you'll get."

Lindsey, who is pro golfer Tiger Woods' former girlfriend, admits she was prompted to restrict her diet years ago because she lacked self-confidence.

"I definitely had a moment there after I won the gold medal in 2010, where I was very self-conscious," she reveals. "It was my first time being on red carpets and stuff like that. I was not confident in myself and the way that I looked."

However, over the years Vonn has taken her power back by simply not even considering other people's opinions about how she looks.

"I've just gotten to the point that I love where I am, I'm not the same size as everyone else... I'm comfortable with what I got," she explains. "I think it shows in my attitude and the way I present myself. Now when I walk the red carpet, I don't care with what everyone else thinks."

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