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Liv Tyler: I like my hair long

Liv Tyler likes keeping her hair long because she can "experiment depending on [her] mood".

The brunette beauty is famed for her long flowing locks. Liv says her hair determines her mood, and is glad of its length as it allows her to mix up her style when she feels like it.

"Absolutely," she exclaimed when asked if her hair affects the way she feels about herself.

"I like my hair long because it makes me feel feminine and gives me confidence. It also means I can experiment depending on my mood."

Liv is open to styling suggestions though. The actress doesn't mind changing up her look in order to convincingly portray a character on screen.

"I love my hair as it is but I'm always open to doing something different for the right film role. Robert Altman once asked me to get a pixie crop for Cookie's Fortune, which I loved," she told the UK edition on InStyle.

"I got a spiral perm when I was nine - it was awful."

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