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Liv Tyler: Lipstick is addictive

Liv Tyler has joked her favourite lipstick is as addictive "as crack".

The model-and-actress explained how Givenchy's artistic director of make-up Nicolas Degennes came to create a lip stain named after her.

Liv's Lips, from the beauty brand's holiday collection, looks like a black lipstick, but transforms into a sheer mulberry coloured stain on application.

"He made it for me," Liv told "I've always loved sheer berry stains, I went through one whole box [of the Liv's Lips black bullets] in a month - it's like crack."

Liv's long-standing contract with luxury French beauty brand Parfums Givenchy has seen her promote everything from foundation to fragrance over the last nine years.

Her success as the face of the cosmetics giant is partly down to her iconic bee-stung lips and her flawless ivory complexion.

As well as being a self-confessed make-up addict, Liv is also a skincare junkie.

"I believe in exfoliation," Liv deadpanned. "My grandmother taught me at a very early age to take care of my skin, I try and do masks for my complexion three times a week."

Liv's obsession with beauty could be extended further in the future. She has plans to launch a range of her own in this area.

"I've thought about doing a skincare line," she hinted.

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