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Liv Tyler shares beauty with rock star dad

Liv Tyler and her rock star father are "always comparing" beauty products.

The stunning actress has revealed her dad Steve Tyler likes to look after his skin with face creams.

Liv enjoys the fact that her father takes an interest in looking after his complexion as it means there are always products to hand at home.

"We're always comparing face creams and masks - he has cupboards full of them," she smiled in an interview with the US version of Elle magazine.

While the pair have a similar beauty routine, they have a different approach to hair care.

Liv, who has her father's trademark pout and thick brunette hair, likes to keep her locks simple while Steve like to jazz up his look.

"We have really different hairstyles," she said.

"He has a lot of things sewn into his hair, little jewels and stuff, and he likes to bend his head forward and blow it with two blow-dryers to get lots of volume in the roots, while I like to wear mine straight and flat."

As the face of Pantene, Liv uses plenty of conditioner to keep her hair in top form. the gorgeous star takes good care to maintain the health of her long tresses.

"I use a lot of conditioner - like, a whole handful - and I leave it on for a long time. It makes my hair really soft and fluffy,' she said.

Liv also emulates her grandmother's approach to beauty care.

"She taught me a lot about grooming, always smelling good, and taking extra time to care for yourself, even when you're being natural," she said.

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