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Liv Tyler: Style inspiration is all around

Liv Tyler sees fashion inspiration "every day" while she's wondering around New York.

The stunning star is famed for her casually chic wardrobe choices, and says her style ideas are conceived from very simple beginnings.

Liv looks to her family members and fellow New York residents for fashion inspiration.

"My grandmother and mother, old films, photos and from observing all of the colourful characters I see around me every day in New York," she said of her beauty and style inspiration, before revealing her style icons: "It's got to be Rita Hayworth and Debbie Harry. I'd love to try being a platinum blonde like Debbie."

Liv prefers to keep her hair styling simple when she's not in front of the camera. The Hollywood beauty has a ritual when it comes to looking after her tresses on a daily basis.

"Because my hair is styled a lot for filming, photo shoots, events and so on, I have a hair care regime," she explained in an interview with InStyle magazine.

"Every time I wash it I shampoo to cleanse, condition to moisturise and I use a leave-in treatment at least once a week."

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