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Liv Tyler: You can learn style

Liv Tyler insists that style isn't "just something you're born with".

The stunning actress is celebrated for her fashion credentials, but insists that having an eye for style is something that can be learnt.

Liv thinks budding fashionistas should embrace finding their own direction when it comes to their signature style.

"Style isn't just something you're born with. There are certain people with whom I've grown up who have an innate ability to dress themselves well - everything they put on looks incredibly sophisticated, simple and elegant," she told British newspaper The Telegraph.

"But you can learn to find your own style, too, and it's exciting to grow and develop it. Don't feel as though you need to be dressing a certain way - fashion is great because it allows you to pick and choose what works for you and what doesn't."

Liv says fashion should come naturally. The 34-year-old star believes wardrobe choices should be a spontaneous decision.

"Don't overthink your look. If you've got a more reserved personality, you could have a theme running through your look, but if your taste is more eclectic, don't be scared about mixing different styles together. The whole fun of finding your own style is not being restricted by what you should or shouldn't be wearing," she advised.

Liv is no stranger to changing up her personal style. The actress loves playing around with different looks, but knows what suits her.

"I love experimenting with my hair, and it's a good, easy-to-change way of finding out what suits you, whether it's short, long, curly or straight," she said. "Certain colours and highlights can bring out and enhance your features - I've been a redhead a few times for movies and I really enjoyed that, but I also tried a dirty blonde shade recently and it was horrible. My features instantly disappeared, so we had to change it."

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