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Longoria’s good genes

Eva Longoria avoids using soap on her face when she wakes up.

The American actress, who turned 39 earlier this month, is known for her flawless complexion and youthful looks.

When it comes to maintaining these Eva follows a strict beauty regime.

"I’m blessed with good genes but I do have a routine of moisturising and serums and eye creams. I cleanse my face nightly. Then I put the serum and power moisturiser on from Revitalift. Then I put on some eye cream and I let that cook. At night I sleep like this,” she told, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning back in her chair.

“I sleep like a vampire then I wake up and I don’t wash my face. You’re not supposed to use soap in the morning so all of that yummy stuff just stays underneath your sunblock. I do wear a lot of sunblock on my skin.”

While she goes for a minimal approach with her skincare, Eva admits she can’t get enough of cosmetics. She is the face of L'Oréal Paris’ make-up range and credits her older sisters for getting her into beauty.

“Oh my god everything! I love everything about make up. I grew up with three older sisters so I grew up always wanting to be… to grow up faster,” she smiled.

“They would wear make-up; I want to wear make-up. They dress like Madonna; I want to dress like Madonna. They coloured their hair; I want to colour my hair.”

For her eyes though the brunette beauty likes to add an extra touch. She also learnt this secret at a young age and is now an expert.

“These are false lashes, which is a really great make up trick,” she winked.

“I’ve been wearing lashes since I was 12. I put them on my friends and I do it so fast. I can do it in the car, driving, talking on the phone.”

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