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Lorde: VB's a rockstar

Lorde doesn't need to dress up for Halloween because she's so grimfaced anyway.

The New Zealand-born singer and the British designer might not initially look like they have much in common. But when it comes to having their photo taken, both stars prefer to keep a straight face. And the un-smiling Lorde certainly doesn't mind being compared to the fashion star.

"Well exactly, and she’s fierce," she grinned when it was suggested by Time Out London her approach to posing is like Victoria's.

"I sent a tweet saying, 'People keep asking me what I will be for Halloween, and my answer is that I am Halloween.' I was very proud of that.

"I find it really funny because I definitely cultivate it. I don’t think I look good smiling, so I don’t smile in photos."

Lorde's unique style has landed her a collaboration with MAC on a purple lipstick just like the one she favours and has seen many copycats embrace her flowing curly locks. In fact, someone even decided to go as the 18-year-old and her beau James Lowe for Halloween.

"I saw one couple who’d dressed as me and my boyfriend – who’s a photographer – and they had his type of camera and everything. That was pretty rad," she added.

The star's stand-out look means it's hard for her to blend into the crowd when she's off duty. Her friends don't make it any easier by teasing her when they're out and about.

"We’ll go and get food, and without fail one of them will say, really loud, 'Oh my God! Is that Lorde?' It’s so horrible. But they’re great," she laughed.

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