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Lorde's purple lips tips

Lorde thinks her MAC lipstick is the perfect cosmetic for easing into dark purple lips.

The New Zealand born singer has become well known for her trademark deep berry puckers, and has even created a plum coloured lipstick for make-up giant MAC Cosmetics.

While she may still only be 17-years-old Lorde has been rocking her look, which includes a liquid eyeliner flick, since she was 12.

“I think a good way is to ease into it,” Lorde told Vogue Australia when they asked how young girls could wear the look. “I used to wear a lot of stains. You can get a lipstick like this [MAC lipstick], and that’s part of the reason why I gave it the finish that I did because it just goes onto your finger really easily.

“You can wear it lightly but still wear the colour and I feel like transitioning into it is probably a good idea if you feel like you need to work your way up to a dark colour.”

Lorde is also instantly recognisable for her tumbling curls, which she often accessories with over-sized hats.

Far from enjoying having her tresses tamed, Lorde prefers to just leave her hair as it is.

“Yes!” she laughed when quizzed if her hair routine was the same both on and off stage. “I’m not very good at having a hair stylist. They’re not my favourite. I’m like ‘It’s fine, just leave it!’ It moves around so much when I perform that it’s just easier to leave it as is.”

Her unruly mane has caused the Royals singer to suffer with skin problems in the past, so she’s become quite the expert on dealing with blemish-prone skin.

“If I notice my skin is getting bad, then I just step up the water intake and it definitely evens out. I tried everything for a long time but eventually just had to get medicated for it.

“Just keep your face as clean as possible, if you have hair like mine try and tie it back because hair on your face will make it inflamed. And change your pillow case!” she implored.

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