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Lowe: I’m ageing on the inside

Rob Lowe has joked that he’s “so bitter” about being over 100 in his heart.

The actor has still retained the good looks that made him famous in the 1980s. Now 50, Rob admits he has to work hard to look his best.

“I don't drink and I work out a lot. I’ve learned some tricks over the years,” he explained to Conan O'Brien during an appearance on his chat show, before joking. “I take very good care of myself. I'm ageing on the inside, Conan. I'm 103 in my heart. I'm so bitter.”

At the start of his career Rob fell into the trap of abusing alcohol. But now he’s sober, he uses other ways to get his kicks.

“I don't drink or do any of the crazy things I used to do when I was wild and young, so I try to do things to let the wild man out,” Rob explained. “So skiing, surfing - adrenaline stuff.”

Conan asked if he liked taking the slopes at high speeds, but Rob admitted that while he had done so in the past to get a rush, he now prefers to take it a bit easier.

But accidents can also happen while taking part in a more sedate sport, as Rob found out the hard way.

“I used to, but now I'm trying to ski more like a 50-year-old bread winner,” he said. “I tried boring stuff that you're supposed to do. I tried golf, but I gave golf up because I killed the Iowa state bird in a golf tournament.”

The incident took place in 2007 when he participated in a celebrity golf tournament and defied odds by killing an American goldfinch mid-air.

Rob added that actuaries for the insurance company that sponsored the event estimated that the probability of such a kill-swing was “1 in 747 million”, while the odds of an amateur golfer making a hole-in-one was 1 in 12,500.

“I figured after that, I'm quitting,” he said, “The PETA people were furious.”

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