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Lowndes hates heavy scents

Jessica Lowndes thinks less is more when applying a perfume.

The 90210 actress prefers to add a dab of scent rather than spray lots on. She believes a little goes a long way and admits she finds it suffocating to be near someone who has gone overboard when applying it.

"I don't like anything too overpowering. There's nothing worse than sitting by someone who's wearing perfume like that," Jessica admitted to Britain's OK! magazine. "It's enough to give you a headache! So I think less is more. Not spraying too much on is definitely the best option."

Jessica recently became the face of Lipsy London's Glam fragrance.

When asked how her boyfriend, British rugby player Thom Evans, likes her to smell, the brunette beauty admitted she wears perfumes which hold special memories for her.

"I'm not sure [how Thom likes me to smell] - I think smells are really subjective, but for me, I personally love anything that smells sweet," she smiled. "I have scents that trigger certain memories... I definitely love anything with a hint of vanilla and I love musk and jasmine too."

It isn't just perfume Jessica is passionate about.

The 24-year-old Canadian is also a lover of all things beauty but makes sure she takes good care of her skin before applying any of her products.

"Taking off my make-up before bed and not picking spots have always been the two beauty rules I abide by," she revealed to Britain's Closer magazine. "I love Bioré Make-Up Removing Wipes, or a toner with witch hazel is brilliant for blemish-prone skin."

Once her make-up is applied, Jessica uses a water-based setting spray. She relies on this to give her a healthy glow while at A-list events.

"Spritz your face with water once you've applied your make-up so the finish isn't too heavy. It keeps your complexion looking fresh and dewy," she recommended.

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