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Lucy Hale describes 'weird eyebrow phases'

Lucy Hale is "honoured" to have been dubbed Blow Pro's celebrity ambassador.

Actress Lucy Hale is elated she has finally learned how to primp her eyebrows, admitting at one point they looked absolutely "weird".

The Pretty Little Liars star has suffered many beauty regrets over the years, but her formerly mangled brow trumps all other cosmetic mishaps.

"It was kind of before I was in the spotlight, but I’ve been through some weird eyebrow phases," she laughed to Teen Vogue.

Lucy recently chopped off all her hair, with hairstylist Kristin Ess behind the new shorter look, and the star wishes she would have ditched longer locks sooner.

"One hundred per cent, I really, I can’t imagine going back to long hair," she stressed. "I feel like (short hair) just fits my personality better."

Lucy portrays quirky character Aria in television show Pretty Little Liars and although she loves playing her onscreen, it is unlikely she will ever adopt the persona's taste for fashion.

"Our beauty routines are really similar but I would say our wardrobes are very different," Lucy noted. "She’s very eclectic and very…wacky. You know we’ve gone forward five years on the show so she’s toned it out a little, but she’s very loud, her clothes are very loud."

Lucy has recently been dubbed as the celebrity ambassador for hair product line Blow Pro - which offers appliances and confections created especially for blow-dried hairstyles.

The 26-year-old is elated to represent the brand because she thinks the company's products serve up serious excellence to customers.

"Their dry shampoo, it’s really good," she said. "It works really, really well.

"I’m honoured (to be Blow Pro's ambassador). You know, it’s very flattering. I love the company, I love the people that work for the company, they treat me really well, and I love the products. So, it just made sense."

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