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Lucy Hale: 'I'm more confident to try crazier trends'

Lucy Hale would love to dye her hair a pastel colour.

Actress Lucy Hale used to be scared of embracing a bold look, but now she is more confident to try something crazy.

The Pretty Little Liars beauty is the face of hair product range BlowPro and cosmetics brand Mark, and working with both companies has helped the 26-year-old discover her experimental side.

"I used to be scared of wearing my hair sleek back, but I’ve been doing that more often lately,” she told People magazine. “I guess I’m just a little more confident now to do that.

"I just had hair extensions for a movie, but I don’t know how people have them - I had a constant headache for a month, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of my short hair. This isn’t the shortest I’ve gone but it’s been a slow progression. It changed my life for the better. It’s just easier, and it’s more fun!”

Lucy first chopped off her long dark locks in late 2014, and having changed the length, the star is now keen to try a bold colour at some point.

"I’ve always wanted to do a cool hair colour - purple or blue or something," she revealed.

For now, Lucy is content with using cosmetics to experiment with different hues, and just like her locks, the star is more confident in what make-up she can pull off these days too.

"Usually the outfit decides my lipstick,” she said. “But I usually just let my make-up artist decide. I’m more willing to try crazier things now. I like to play up my eyes, so I’ll do a strong lash line - I’ve mastered putting on individual eyelashes.”

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