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Lucy Hale: It’s all about concealer!

Lucy Hale loved being introduced to “a whole new world of make-up” through her work with Avon’s Mark brand.

The Pretty Little Liars actress leads a busy life working on the hit ABC Family series as well as her role as brand ambassador for Avon’s Mark range. And during a chat with StyleCaster, she gave insight into her beauty regimen.

“I do live a pretty busy life and I’m always travelling or on set or doing something,” she said. “There are the times when you can only get four hours of sleep and it’s all about concealer.”

The 25-year-old has worked with the brand for nearly two years. And one of her favourite things about her involvement is them pushing her outside of her comfort zone.

“I’ve got to do a lot of fun photoshoots and explore a lot of different looks and mainly they’ve just exposed me to things that I never in a million years thought that I would do,” she confessed. “Like for instance at our last shoot I wore an orange lip and I wore this really cool cat eye blue liner and you know I never thought that I could do that, or pull it off so it’s mainly been exposing me to a whole new world of make-up and different looks that I didn’t know existed.”

With her newfound confidence, Lucy took the big step recently of chopping off her long dark locks for a much shorter do.

“I pretty much had the same hair cut since forever, I wrapped season five of [Pretty Little Liars] and I was like ‘I need to do something drastic, I’m just gonna do it’ so I chopped it off I can’t ever remember having long hair, so I think it’s going to stick around a little bit,” she smiled. “I think next will be like a hair colour situation.”

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