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Lucy Hale talks fashion faux pas

Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell have recalled their embarrassing school outfits.

The 25-year-old star has built up a reputation for having a chic boho style, but she admits to having an awkward moment growing up. Recalling her worst-ever school outfit photo, Lucy described the ensemble in detail.

“[Mine was] these blue snow-leopard glittery bell bottoms..." she mused to People. "I thought I was really good at make-up so I had intense make-up - this was 8th grade - I had my butterfly clips, but it was like in the phase where you had the two strands that would, like, come down. The pants were cropped out, thank God!”

Lucy was joined by her Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell during the interview, who was helping support Lucy's new clothing line for Hollister. Shay also revealed her embarrassing photo, but insists she doesn't regret the humorous phase.

“It was in preschool and I wanted to do the thing where you had, like, your two bangs forward. I look back and I’m like, What was I thinking?” she laughed. “I feel like they’re all learning moments. You look back and you’re like, whatever, I wanted to wear it that day, clearly that’s great. Good for you.”

Now the girls have found fame with their hit TV series they can justify treating themselves to lavish pieces every now and then. While Shay bought herself a light pink Givenchy bag, Lucy "splurged" on her "first house ever".

Both girls haven't forgotten their roots though and still hold certain pieces close to them from before they made it big time.

“I think I have a pair of Miss Sixty jeans from like, grade eight,” Shay added.

Lucy holds onto a Roots sweatshirt she's had since she was 17, along with a piece her mom used to wear.

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