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Lucy Hale’s brow evolution

Lucy Hale has finally embraced a bold lip after years of focusing her make-up look on her eyes.

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale refuses to let anyone touch her eyebrows after disastrous results in the past.

The 26-year-old’s brows are her pride and joy and could give model Cara Delevingne a run for her money. But Lucy hasn’t always loved that particular facial feature, especially during her awkward childhood years.

“I was always a little girl with a unibrow, and you go through a brow evolution,” she told Teen Vogue. “Now, I don’t even do anything to them. Your body remembers what you want. I finally found the shape that works for me. All (my make-up artist) Kelsey (Deenihan) does is fill them in a little bit. I’ve had horror stories where I’ve over-plucked them, and then finally they grow back out, and then I let someone else touch them and it is a disaster. I vowed to never let anyone touch them again. Long live the big brow!”

Lucy gets to rock a variety of looks on the red carpet thanks to her success on the ABC Family series but she admits she did have a signature look that she’s only just relinquished.

“I used to be purely into eyes,” she said. “I wanted a heavy smoky eye and lashes, lashes, lashes. I always thought that I didn’t look like myself without top liner. Kelsey has helped me get into bold lips.”

Having to wear a lot of make-up for work, Lucy prefers a paired back make-up off duty look and relies on just a few essential products.

“My beauty routine when I don’t have to do anything is concealer where I need it, mascara, and lip balm,” she added. “I love Lucas Paw Paw balm from Australia. I special order it. I’m very low maintenance because I’m always getting made up. I love getting pampered and I love it when Kelsey does my makeup, but I’m not a fan of spending hours getting ready in the morning.”

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