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Lucy Liu spins herself fit

Charlie's Angel star Lucy Liu has revealed her top workout tips.

Actress Lucy Liu loves the fact spinning "traps" her in the room, as it means she can't escape the workout.

The 46-year-old will always be remembered as one third of Charlie's Angels, showing off her amazing figure alongside Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. Those days might be behind her, but Lucy still places a great deal of importance on staying fit. To make sure she sticks to her rigorous exercise plan, she prefers to take part in classes.

"I do a lot of indoor cycling and running. But I do a lot of stretching in between, because when you cycle they don’t really give you a lot of time to stretch," she explained to "Cycling is fun and I like being trapped in the room. No matter how you’re feeling, you get through it and you come out on the other side. It’s a really good workout."

But exercise doesn't just boost her body strength - it also helps with the star's mental wellbeing. When she's not cycling, she likes sports that focus her mind.

"I think running is really meditative and a much more full-body sport," she explained. "And I really like doing Pilates as well because it helps you keep the strength and the flexibility in tandem with one another. That’s been the best balance for me."

Lucy isn't just envied for her amazing figure, she also has people talking about her fashion and beauty looks. She used to watch her mother apply make-up, but these days it's the other way around.

"No, now she's coming to me for tips," she previously laughed to "She sees how amazing my make-up looks, but it's not me. It's the people putting it on. I really like to keep my skin clean. I use just a little concealer. I don't even put on sunscreen, but I don't sit in the sun either."

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