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Lupita: I’m selective with beauty suggestions

Lupita Nyong'o used to wear jet-black lip liner as she thought it looked "cute".

The 31-year-old actress is envied for her forever flawless complexion, which even landed her the role of ambassador for beauty giant Lancôme. She's open to trying new offerings but still has her staples for everyday purposes.

"I listen to recommendations from people I trust. I introduce products into my routine one by one, so I can see the difference they make," she smiled to Hello! Fashion magazine. "[I always have] eye drops, lip balm, a mirror and pressed powder [in my bag] - in case I break into a sweat."

Being a part of Lancôme is a life-changing experience for Lupita as well as the brand; she marks their first ever black representative. It's a company the star has an affinity with, as it represents her outlook on the industry and having a diverse approach.

"I met some of the executives from the company during my 12 Years a Slave campaign. I learned about the brand and what it stands for, and they learned what's important to me in terms of beauty and its portrayal in the media," she explained of how she landed her role. "Our relationship evolved from there. I like that they celebrate beauty of all backgrounds. Its ambassadors are all individual women whose beauty goes way beyond skin deep."

She may have her beauty look spot on now, but she admits to having some make-up mishaps in the past.

"I used to wear really dark, straight-up black lip liner and I thought it was cute. Maybe it will come back, who knows?" she laughed.

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