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Lupita: My make-up matches my mood

Lupita Nyong'o thinks about make-up in the same way she does food - it's all about experimenting.

The 31-year-old actress came into her own on the red carpet last year, winning as many points for her fashion looks as she did awards for 12 Years a Slave. Getting ready is something Lupita enjoys as she can show how she's feeling via her clothes and cosmetics.

"Yes, my relationship with make-up is similar to my relationship with food: I like to experiment and it depends on what I'm in the mood for. Generally for everyday, I opt for light pink and plum glosses," she told British magazine Hello! "In terms of lipstick, I like burgundies and earthy tones. I also like to play with bright colours - especially for the red carpet."

Lupita is often seen rocking a stand-out shade on her lips, something which instantly makes her feel ready for a red carpet appearance. But she isn't the sort of woman to opt for a bold colour all the time.

"I love it. Lipstick is a great way to bring a whole outfit together or quickly feel dressed up," she explained. "If I want to make less of a statement, I go with something soft and sheer, but if I'm feeling bold and don't mind the extra attention, I brighten it up a little more and go with a matte texture."

When she is away from the camera, the actress' grooming regime is more relaxed. She likes to let her skin breathe so often chooses a low-key look.

"I'm very low maintenance. On a regular day I wear lip gloss or balm because it's easy to throw on. I'll define my eyebrows and, depending on how much time I have, will put on eyeliner and mascara," she said.

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