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MacDowell: Ageing is a plus

Andie MacDowell thinks people should stop viewing ageing as negative.

The 55-year-old model-and-actress continues to stun on the red carpet in chic designer gowns.

While growing older is often portrayed as a negative in the showbiz industry, Andie is keen for this idea to be turned around.

"The worst thing about ageing is that most people treat it as a negative," she argued to German magazine Brigitte.

"Damn it, I think we should be celebrating every age!"

Andie's movie career includes parts in hits such as Green Card and Groundhog Day.

For her role in 1998's Shadrach, she was pleased to celebrate a woman's natural body by putting on some weight.

"People panic if you have a little belly or a curve. We cannot be just skin and bones. Women become women. That's what happens when you become a woman - you get hips and breasts. You become slightly round. It's like Venus, that's what you look like... but it's not celebrated enough," she previously told British newspaper The Independent.

"[For Shadrach] they were going to pad me but I told them not to. I just ate everything I wanted to eat and relaxed and didn't hold my stomach in and slouched a little bit. My character was the kind of person who drinks beer for breakfast. She has seven kids - it was fun to play!"

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