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Mad Men designer has no 'dress-up favourite'

Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant says she hasn't got a "favourite character" to dress.

Set in the 1960s, the TV show starring Christina Hendricks and January Jones - has become famous for its beautiful wardrobe and has sparked a revival of retro chic.

Janie says who she enjoys dressing the most depends on the storyline they are working with.

"For me, it's really about what's going on in the script," she told US publication People.

"So I probably have a favourite character about 30 times throughout the season. It's always changing depending on what's happening."

When pressed to name her favourite outfit of the cult show, Janie said that she loved the flowing, spotted dress January wore in series two.

She added that she also adored Christina's figure-hugging red dress from the fourth series, which was one of her own creations.

"I love what I call 'the sad clown costume' that Betty Draper [January Jones] wore in season two," she said. "And Joan's [Hendricks] Christmas dress that I designed for her in season four, the red one with the bows. If I can't find it [in the shops], I build it."

Janie also spoke of Banana Republic's second Mad Men inspired collection, which is set to hit stores this week.

Including bright, flattering dresses, retro ankle pants and cute knitwear, the fashion expert said she expects the range to fly off the shelves.

"It's a perfect fit. Those classic, beautiful, ladylike shapes, perfect tailoring The first collection did amazing, and this second one is going to do amazingly, too," she predicted.


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