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Mad Men designer: Pant suit was vital

Mad Men’s designer Janie Bryant has explained why it was so important to see Elisabeth Moss wearing a pant suit in a pivotal episode.

The sixth season of the popular TV show, set in the advertising world during the ‘60s, came to an end in the US over the weekend. Elisabeth plays Peggy Olson, who is promoted to creative director in the final episode. Designer Janie Bryant wanted Peggy’s clothes to reflect her progress in the pivotal scene inside her new office.

“When we see her in the office, it really is that moment of ‘I am empowered. I will survive.’ I wanted to see Peggy in pants to illustrate that she had come so far. It was such strong expression of empowerment,” Janie told “Peggy really is a modern woman and for her to make that choice to wear pants shows how far women have come. Most women wouldn’t wear pants to the office, and that’s why I wanted Peggy to be in pants for that scene.”

While other characters in the show, including Jessica Pare’s Megan have been spotted wearing trousers in past episodes, this outfit marked an important phase in Peggy’s life.

Janie and Elisabeth tried around four different options, before a vintage vest-and-pant with a multi-coloured houndstooth print was chosen.

Janie says even the colours in the outfit – black, white, red and caramel – were symbolic as they are similar to Mad Men’s logo.

“When I fit her in that [look], I said, ‘That’s it. That’s what you’re wearing.’ I loved it not only for what it says about Peggy, but also for the colours,” she added. “I was like, ‘It’s close enough!’ I thought it speaks volumes about everything the show is about.”

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