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Mad Men's hair stylist shares secrets

Vincent Kartheiser's hair was the hardest to style on Mad Men, says barber Theresa Rivers.

The show is known for its 60s fashion and has inspired men and women all over the world. But hair is also a big deal on the series, which is coming to an end next month, in its seventh and final season.

Theresa is behind the slick look of Jon Hamm's Don Draper and also worked on Vincent Kartheiser's Pete Campbell, which meant dealing with thinning locks.

"Pete's receding hairline was a challenge only because we had a very busy and lively trailer - there was always a lot of movement happening in the there. Yikes!" she laughed to Details.

"I used an old-fashioned straight razor to shave his hairline back and thinned it out significantly. The progression gradually started back in season five. That's true commitment to the character."

The style on the show has been praised for staying so true to its retro roots, with the men in smart, tailored suits. When it came to the hair, anything went in the eyes of creator Matthew Weiner, as long as it still looked genuine.

"Matt was pretty easy going about what products we used, as long as the style looked authentic. Every head of hair is different, so we used gel, pomade, hairspray and mousse, though Matt did like Brylcreem on some of the men. That's been around since 1928," Theresa explained.

The hairstylist used Time Life magazines for inspiration and found herself leafing through them a great deal.

"This was a good reference for everyday people, politicians, and celebrities. I also looked through vintage hair salon magazines, which showed the current trends. When we hit the early 1960s I had good reason to binge-watch The Twilight Zone, my all time favourite!" she smiled.

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