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Madonna planning men's fragrance

Madonna has revealed her plans to create a men's fragrance with the "smell of whiskey".

The singer launched her first fragrance Truth or Dare last week at Macy's Herald Square in New York. With a second women's scent already in the works, she has announced she would like to make a product for the opposite sex.

"I think it would be good to do a men's fragrance," she told WWD.

"I love musk and amber and woody kind of fragrances on men. I love the smell of whiskey. I can't drink it, it's too strong, but it smells amazing."

Madonna admits it was not easy coming up with a scent. Creating the right fragrance took time out of her busy schedule.

"Every time I tried to create the scent I was looking for, it never reached the stage where I thought it was good enough, or I was told that the ingredients would be impossible to re-create in a mass way," she explained.

"It never smelled as good as I wanted it to. And if I'm not going to wear it, I'm not going to sell it. So, I finally was able to create, with my partners, a fragrance that I could stand behind."

The Material Girl star says her first fragrance was made with her mother Madonna Louise in mind who died in 1963. She describes the perfume as "provocative, floral and moody".

"Well fragrance is a big part of my life. I have a strong sense of smell and I think smell has a real nostalgic place in my life," she told the UK's Marie Claire. "So I wanted to create a fragrance that reminded me of my mother and that I love to wear every day. "

Madonna made sure her daughter Lourdes approved of Truth of Dare first. The 53-year-old and Lourdes have been working together on their Material Girl line so they value each other's opinion.

"She is a very opinionated young lady, and she likes this perfume," Madonna said before adding she was hands on in creating Truth or Dare.

"I don't take the job of creating anything - whether it's fragrance, or beauty products, or clothes - lightly, and I need a lot of time to do stuff," she explained. "I don't like it when other people create for me."


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