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Maggie Grace: I'd destroy costumes

Maggie Grace wants to "burn the clothes" she's been wearing after wrapping up a film.

The actress is currently promoting sci-fi thriller Lockout alongside Guy Pearce, in which she plays US President's daughter Emilie Warnock.

Maggie wears a wig for the film and says her on-set clothes are sometimes rather unsavoury.

"It was greasy," she told Collider of the hairpiece. "By the end of the two months, you pretty much want to burn the clothes you've been wearing."

Lockout is a high-octane action film. Maggie has revealed the hardest stunt sequence to film - which was hindered by her restrictive on-screen attire.

"It was definitely those really heavy spacesuits. We were so excited, because during all the fittings, they were really kick-ass spacesuits. They weren't like astronaut spacesuits but more like action figure. They were heavy, yellow and had these built out chests. It's incredible," she gushed. "We had so much fun, and then we realised there were stunts expected while wearing these suits and they hadn't tested the mobility.

"So Guy and I start running and we're like two tin cans, lurching back and forth in a really unathletic way. I'm not the most gazelle-like of runners to begin with. I'm told there's a YouTube clip called 'Maggie Grace Running.' I didn't look it up, for the record, an ex-boyfriend was kind enough to point it out. So I'm working on my running and that suit didn't exactly help. Guy was no better off. The suits were so heavy and unwieldy, they had to CG in our legs."


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