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Maggie Gyllenhaal: Clothes make the character

Maggie Gyllenhaal uses the wardrobe department to help get into character.

The American actress has had a varied career, playing everything from a sexy secretary to a tattooed cupcake maker.

She's currently starring in political TV miniseries An Honourable Woman, where she takes on the role of Nessa Stein in a tale that uses the Middle Eastern conflict as its backdrop.

Nessa's wardrobe involves power dresses by Roland Mouret, and her onscreen alter ego's style helped Maggie fully immerse herself into character.

“The clothing is always the way in [to the character],” Maggie explained to WWD. “I never played a character that didn’t care about what they were wearing."

While the character called for style garments from high end designers, the purse strings couldn't always stretch to their budgets.

But Maggie's A-list credentials meant certain designers could still be included.

"Nessa should have been dressed head to toe in Céline, but we couldn’t afford it. So we started calling in favours from people like Stella McCartney, who wanted to help," Maggie explained.

"I thought sex had to be a part of it. That’s important to me, too, in the way I dress.”

Maggie's not the only member of her family that enjoys the dramatics stage costumes bring. The 36-year-old star along with husband Peter Sarsgaard has daughters Ramona, seven, and two-year-old Gloria. Ramona in particular already has a keen interest in fashion.

While filming Hysteria, Maggie called in some period pieces for Ramona to wear and gave her the choice of starring in the flick too or just enjoying the garments.

“She said, ‘Oh no, I don’t want to do it, but I like the clothes!’ That was really smart!” Maggie recently revealed to Woman magazine.

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