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Magic Mike XXL: Sleeveless is sexier

Magic Mike’s costume designer Christopher Peterson has joked he’ll make a quilt out of all the sleeves he had to cut off the boys’ shirts.

The strippers are back to their best in the second instalment, which boasts Joe, Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer as the hunky leads.

Christopher Peterson worked as the costume designer on both films, dressing the cast in their skimpy outfits.

Joking no one would pay him to put a cardigan on Channing, Christopher reveals how he altered the clothes to make them even sexier.

“Every day I was cutting a sleeve off of something. There was a box at the back of my truck, which I kept, that was just filled with sleeves that had been cut off,” he grinned to

“This is the funny thing, too. I had a couple fittings with Joe, who I think has the lowest sleeve count in the movie. Because of Joe’s size it was very tricky to do any of this unless it was on Joe’s body, so there were several mornings where I would knock on Joe’s trailer and say, ‘OK, we need to cut the sleeve off of this one now.’ The discards are all in this box, which I have kept. I don’t know, maybe I’ll make a Magic Mike quilt out of it someday!”

The XXL version sees the stripper gang mark their last outing on stage, which of course required some pretty spectacular costumes. Admitting there was much discussion about whether “to thong or not to thong”, Christopher eventually decided to include the garment, much to the delight of fans.

“We almost didn’t do it this time because we wanted to show a progression of time and of slightly more sophistication to the routines. But in the end, we had this powwow—and I think that Chan was going to tweet about it, I’m not sure if he ever did—when we decided to go with the thongs,” Christopher smiled.

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