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Malin Åkerman loves bold dressing

Malin Åkerman respects "brave and cool" actresses who walk the red carpet.

The Wanderlust star loves to garner style inspiration from the Hollywood stars around her. However, Malin has a couple of fashion favourites that always stand out in their edgy ensembles.

"My favourite [people] to watch on the red carpet are Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton. They're awesome I think that [Swinton] is just so brave and cool. She's got a style," she gushed in an interview with People.

"I'm not as brave as Tilda."

Malin admits to ramping up her signature style since bursting onto the Hollywood scene. The blonde star has been more experimental of late - something she never thought she'd do.

"I do like something with a little bit of an edge, or something that stands out, where you go, 'What's that? I think [in the future] I'll be more brave and kind of go for it," she revealed.

"I've said things before like, 'I don't really look good in pink,' and then I've worn pink and I've loved it. So I've kind of opened myself up."

The 33-year-old star dazzled in a pink Sonia Rykiel dress at the Los Angeles premiere of Wanderlust earlier this year. Malin surprised herself when she donned the colourful creation.

"I used to be a girl who was like, 'If there's black in the options, I'll wear the black.' Now I'm like, 'Oh, I like colours and I like trying new things," she admitted.

"Five years ago, I never would have touched [the pink dress], but now I'm like, 'Yeah! Why not?'"

Malin swears by one style rule in particular. Unless she feels confident in something, she won't wear it.

"Go with your gut," she said. "You can't please everyone, so I just feel like if you feel good in it, wear it. Just be happy and be comfortable. People will see that you feel good in what you're wearing."


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