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Mamie Gummer's hot mess movie hair

Mamie Gummer had to wrestle all sorts of oils and serum to make her hair nasty in Ricki and the Flash.

The 32-year-old plays the onscreen daughter of her real-life mother Meryl Streep in Ricki and the Flash. Mamie’s alter ego Julie is left depressed after the breakdown of her marriage, so the actress had to look the part.

“I’m a piping hot mess, yeah,” she grinned to “It was really fun. I gotta say, it was very liberating and freeing to have the licence to be so expressive without having to worry about being pretty - or how I looked at all.”

In the midst of her heartbreak, Julie’s blonde locks appear greasy and lifeless as she wears an array of baggy, unflattering ensembles. It was actually the transformation of her tresses that helped Mamie get into character, and also leave the story behind after filming.

“[It took] longer than you think. There were all kinds of things that they had to wrestle into that [hair]. I don’t know what, serums and muds and oils, just cr*p.

“I had to wash my hair every night, it’s like ‘gonna wash that man right outta my hair’, it’s like that country song, it was kind of like that,” she laughed.

Also starring in the movie is musician and actor Rick Springfield, who plays Meryl’s love interest Greg. The 66-year-old enjoyed getting stuck into a romantic tale in his 60s, especially as he doesn’t feel his age.

“We all still think we’re 16. There are times I feel like I’m 150, but generally I can’t comprehend being in my 60s. I have no age issue, I’ve always been very honest about my age,” he said.

He added that he finds Meryl, also 66, “very sexy” and loved working with her.

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