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Manganiello: Pain cave workouts are tough

Joe Manganiello has revealed how he motivates himself to continue when his body feels like it’s going to give up during an intense workout regime.

The 38-year-old actor is famous for the buff physique he shows off in movies such as Magic Mike XXL.

But getting such a body doesn’t come easily, and Joe has to put in regular sessions with his trainer Ron Matthews to keep his muscles taut.

His sessions in what he calls “the pain cave” see Joe battle his mental and physical barriers – a process he has begun to conquer.

“We have these massive sets,” Joe told Muscle & Fitness magazine, revealing he lifts 225lb or 300lb weights at a time.

“There’s a moment when there’s going to be 10 sets. And I’m on set 5 or even set 4, and I’m done. My body is starting to quit, I’m having a minor league panic attack in my brain because I can’t visualize doing the next rep, let alone the next set, and I want to quit. And I think, ‘What am I doing this for? I don’t have a movie coming up that I’m training for specifically.’ And that’s where you’re going to grow. That’s the spot. That’s when you crack the pit, if you will. And that seed is inside.”

Joe has become one of the most sought after actors in recent years thanks to his sexy movie roles.

However, he has not always been the heartthrob, and struggled at school when he grew up a “head and shoulder taller” than his classmates.

So he decided to turn to sports in order to build himself up and make some friends.

“The first year I played football, I was the captain of the team,” he said. “Then you get into high school. Just like The Breakfast Club, high school tries to put people into a category. I got along with a group — the weirdo intellectuals — who generally hate jocks. And I also was the captain of a sports team. So I got along with the jocks.”

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