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Marc Jacobs: I glue shoes on models' feet

Marc Jacobs glued models into their shoes before the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 12 show.

The fashion designer has discussed what it takes to put on one his extravagant shows. He is the creative director of Vuitton and is renowned for staging magnificent catwalk displays for the label.

Last year, the Spring/Summer 12 show saw models mounted on a giant carousel.

The designer is adamant everything must be perfect before such presentations, so goes to great lengths to ensure nothing goes wrong.

"At the Louis Vuitton SS12 show, the teetering mules are stuck to the models' feet with wig glue. It may be a nightmare to get off afterwards, but it's just one of the backstage tricks that Marc Jacobs and his team use to ensure that everything is perfect on the day," reports Sunday Times' Style magazine.

Marc began planning the affair three months before it was staged. The Vuitton catwalk show is always the last one on the Paris Fashion Week calendar and it is expected that it will blow everything else out of the water.

"I thought of the spring, and specifically spring in Paris," he revealed. "That meant the Tuileries gardens and the carousel within them. Something that is naïve and simple. Something that can be seen as a metaphor for the continuity of fashion and the seasons as they go round and round.

"It is a tale and a history that repeats itself, and a joy that never ends. It doesn't matter where it goes, you just never want it to stop."

His inspiration wasn't all so nice though. The designer also wanted his clothes and set to have a steely undercurrent, so made those helping him watch dark movie Rosemary's Baby for inspiration.

Models got four goes on the giant carousel before it was the actual show, with photographer Sølve Sundsbø on hand to take pictures.

"I enjoyed shooting the models when they were being seated inside the tent containing the carousel, aware that everyone was on the outside not knowing what was going on inside," he said. "It was a secret, magical world for a little while. The biggest difference between normal documentary photography and this situation was that wherever I pointed my camera there was something beautiful."

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